The Seven Keys to ImaginationThis book is about unleashing a power within you to create a better future. That power is your own imagination, which can be used to conceive entirely new and positive futures for yourself and others around you. In this fascinating and important book, Piero Morosini takes you on a journey and explores the power of imagination as taught and practised by a range of people – from Renaissance magicians and 19th-century adventure explorers to modern-day scientists and leaders of hugely successful organizations. Out of this emerges seven essential elements – the seven keys to imagination – which can be recognized, developed and applied by any individual, team or organization which has the courage and determination to unlock their power to imagine and build successful futures for themselves

"Forget what you learned in elementary school. Daydreaming is good. In fact, your imagination could be the key to your success as an entrepreneur"... Click here to read the rest of this new article posted about 'Seven Keys' author, Piero Morosini.

Read further about Piero, on his recently featured interview on USA Today, by clicking here, as we launch this month in North America.

“Inspiring, surprising and a joy to read, Seven Keys to Imagination is a landmark achievement that encourages us toward a renaissance of imagination – in our individual lives as well as in business and  government.” 
Mark Buchanan, award winning author of Ubiquity, Nexus and  The Social Atom and guest columnist of the New York Times

“Seven Keys is not at all forgettable. Piero Morosini wants to bring imagination to the very centre of how people work.”
Peter Day, World of Business, BBC

“With seven unusual and exciting keys, and using interesting references to diverse cultures, this book takes you on a journey to discover the power of dreams to grasp reality and bring extraordinary futures to life."
Maria Monni, Milano Finanza, Milan, Italy

“Seven Keys to Imagination is an extremely exciting book that will put you in touch with the Archetype of the Magician that is within all of us. Reading this book is like installing a new software inside our minds.“
Ferdinando Buscema, Magic Experience Designer, Milan, Italy

“Through inspiring stories of imaginative individuals and organizations, in his new book Piero Morosini shows  the [keys to] overcome the [internal] barriers that limit our own creativity.”
Adriana Abreu, Folha de Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Morosini takes you on an imaginary journey to discover new ways to develop your creativity.”
Capital Humano, Madrid, Spain

“The Seven Keys allow imaginative individuals and teams to make the challenging mental pictures they originally conceived a reality.”
Michael Murray, The Independent

“ Piero Morosini advocates a complete change in our approach to business. It’s exactly what is needed.”
Jim Banting, author of Get a Dog, Don't Work Like One

" In his new book, Piero Morosini unravels the seven keys to imagination: seven enduring characteristics that can be found in every successful enterprise born out of a great dream from its founders."
Business People, Milan, Italy

GOOD NEWS: This month a special edition in Spanish of "Seven Keys to Imagination" has been launched for the Peruvian market. This special edition has so far sold over 1,000 books in the eve of its official presentation this week in the 2011 Lima Book Fair. Here is an image at the conference:


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