Create Success in the Future by Using the Power of Your Imagination. This book is about unleashing a power within you to create a better future. That power is your own imagination, which can be used to conceive entirely new and positive futures for yourself and others around you. In this fascinating and important book, Piero Morosini takes you on a journey and explores the power of imagination as taught and practised by a range of people – from Renaissance magicians and 19th-century adventure explorers to modern-day scientists and leaders of hugely successful organizations. Out of this emerges seven essential elements – the seven keys to imagination – which can be recognized, developed and applied by any individual, team or organization which has the courage and determination to unlock their power to imagine and build successful futures for themselves.


It’s simply a must read. The author is a great visionary and the ideas and anecdotes presented are extremely valuable.

– Dario Melpignano
Founder and CEO, Neosperience, Milan, Italy

A Blueprint to Creating a Brighter Future

This is an extremely well researched book. Mr. Morosini does not give just most recent facts about a particular story. He takes you back and explains the situation in enough depth so that you fully understand what was going on before the company/organization began to reorganize using the concepts in the Seven Keys. Unlike some books I have read, this is not a tedious process. Just the opposite. He makes the stories very interesting and informative. I came away from reading the book with a much better understanding of some historical events.

– John Chancellor